About Us 

The Truth, a Teaching and Healing Ministry was started in 2003 at the prompting of the Holy Spirit. 

The ministry began primarily as a way to bring the word of God out of the church and "into the streets", to teach the Bible "line by line, precept upon precept" in an understandable, applicable way for the current generation and to "set the captives free". It was established in obedience to God's calling with no clear understanding of where it would lead. Thus began our current journey of faith!


While we have many facets to our ministry, the primary focuses are on teaching, healing, equipping and sending.Thus, discipleship is a huge part of what we do here and in the countries that God sends us to. As doctors, we are also using our skills and training to assist with health care needs, primarily in third world countries. God has used us to develop and lead both men's and women's conferences, Bible studies, home groups, street ministry, and many short term mission teams. He has developed in us a heart to see His kingdom come- and to show the love and compassion of Christ to those in need, both spiritually and physically.

Missions is at the heart of what we do- because we believe that missions is what God is all about. It was Jesus who first left his home in heaven to come and lead us into fellowship with God (talk about culture shock!) and it was also one of Jesus' last commands to us that we should GO! (Matthew 28:19-20) And that means ALL of us! We believe in equality of function regardless of gender, race or even age. We are all created differently, but it is God who decides what giftings we will be given in the Body. 

The Truth Ministry is part of the IbM network (International Breakthrough Ministries) which is overseen by apostle Barbara Wentroble. We reside in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin. We know that our family and our love in Christ can never be limited by the walls of a church....we ARE the Church...us, and all of you who call on the name of Jesus! And because of this global perspective, and because of the great need for nations to be discipled and evangelized, we give ourselves humbly to whatever work God has for us- here in Wisconsin or among the other nations of the world.

Eileen Slattery Berglund

Founder & President

Photo above: Taylor, Killoran, Eileen, and Michael Berglund

(The Truth Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible.)