Hi. I'm Eileen.

Welcome to my Media Page!

Eileen Slattery Berglund

Please take a few minutes to look around. I've gathered together a few resources to help you get to know me better and to make it easier for you to contact me regarding interviews, speaking engagements, etc.

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I've been commissioned as an apostolic teacher. "Apostolic teaching" can mean a lot of things, but to me it just means teaching that builds, liberates and edifies! It releases people to be all God created them to be. It releases them to go further than I could ever go. It cheers them on and says "I believe in you, but better yet, God believes in you!" 

Here are a few topics that I love to talk about. Other topics are available by request.

Men and Women as God's Image Bearers.


Legitimacy of Women in Leadership both Inside and Outside the Church.


The Kingdom of God. What is it and What is Our Role?


Abiding In Christ- The Art of Being in Two Places at Once.


LGBTQ+ Engaging with the Culture without Compromise