World Missions

I was one of those people who never wanted to be a missionary. I was afraid to fly across the ocean, I was afraid of bugs, I didn't like to try new foods, and I didn't want to leave my young children at home without me. However, I did want to obey God. So when He called me, I answered. Yes, Lord, I will go.

I heard God speak to me saying, "First, I will bring the nations to you. Then, I will bring you to the nations." Soon, I learned what this meant.

My first mission trip was in 2002 and I didn't even have to leave the country. It was to Salt Lake CIty, Utah for the Winter Olympics! I just thought it sounded like a really fun opportunity when I signed up for it but God had more in mind. He reminded me of His word to me, and I could see it being played out, as athletes and spectators from all nations were brought here to my nation for the games. I knew then that He would be sending me next to the other nations.

Since 2002, I have been on over 25 mission trips to various countries. Most of the missions involved teaching and preaching and practical outreach ministry. Some were medical missions. A few of the missions, I was one of many team members. Most of the missions I was leading a team. Some countries I only visited once, others I visited multiple times, building and equipping the believers, even planting churches. 

These are the nations God has sent me to on over 25 missions:









Dominican Republic

I love being part of God's mission. God is a God who sends. He sent His Son, Jesus. When Jesus returned to Heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to live within us. And now, He sends us to disciple nations! 

We appreciate your prayers, financial support, friendship, and encouragement as we continue to advance His Kingdom here on Earth!