Our Mission: If you are looking for a place to belong, to share a deeper connection with other Christ-followers who will help bring some "structure" to what God's put on your heart, you are at the right place! Our mission is to equip, mobilize, and connect individuals and ministries to one another, provide accountability and tangible help, so we can more effectively advance the kingdom of God within our collective spheres of influence. We want to do all we can to help you become and remain a true disciple who goes forth in your own Holy Spirit led way, surrounded by others who will support and encourage you.

Our Vision: The Truth Collective is a vibrant network of Christ-minded men, women, and ministries, who are motivated by one common interest. That is, to see the kingdom of God and the truth of Jesus spread throughout the whole world!  We are an in-person and online relational network of Christian leaders and visionaries. We exist to strategically train up and mobilize an apostolic and prophetic body of believers, both locally and internationally, that will move and function in all areas of society. We will help you discover your "next step" in fulfilling the big dream that God has given you. We, in The Truth Collective, long to see the kingdom of God advance and for unbelievers to see a truer, more attractive image of the God who so loves and wants them.


How will THE TRUTH COLLECTIVE carry out/achieve the mission and vision?

The answer to this is found in the word “collective”. This is not a “top-down” network, or even an attempt to build a single ministry. Rather, this is a movement to raise all believers together to a higher level of faith, devotion, truth, identity, purpose and mostly application of all of those things. Bringing all of our giftings together, we believe we will grow both individually and collectively into a healthier manifestation of God’s people and truer disciples of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.    

Practically speaking, The Truth Collective will facilitate the following for growth, encouragement and unity:  

Quarterly Think Tanks

Quarterly think-tanks designed to help you figure out the “next step”. These in-person interactive meetings, where everyone can exchange ideas, will serve as “iron sharpening iron” to get all the God-given ideas and dreams out of just our minds and into action that can bear fruit. (An online option will be available for those who are not local.)

Annual Gatherings

Annual gathering designed to increase relationships and unity among all members. Hear from outside speakers as well as our own members and prepare for the next year.

Weekly Encouragement/Teaching

Weekly  will happen online and are designed to let you hear from as many other COLLECTIVE members as possible, one week at a time. We are having so many amazing and inspiring conversations with each of you and we would like other people to be able to hear your thoughts and be inspired too.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers will be invited in periodically (2-3 times a year) to share with us at a Friday night session and also at The Table on Saturday morning.

Prayer Support

Prayer support is so important and it is crucial to know who is standing with you in this spiritual battle. Our prayer team will be available to you and we will also have regular corporate prayer meetings that we encourage you to participate in.

The Table

The Table is a monthly gathering at our home in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, USA that is designed to be an apostolic and prophetic training center. Through feasting, worship, prophecy, teaching, and communion we believe God is drawing us into a greater relationship to Him and to each other as His body. From this place, where we understand each of us plays a vital role and carries a valuable ministry, we can now mobilize and spread His truth and love to those who have yet to see and receive it.


Launching/commissioning members into new ministries as the Holy Spirit leads.

Online Content Access

Access to all online content from The Truth Ministry


Q & A

Is THE TRUTH COLLECTIVE exclusive? What if I already belong to another church or network?

No, it is not exclusive. If we were exclusive, we never would have chosen the name “collective”. In fact, we are going for the opposite effect. We want to bridge the gaps that currently exist
between existing ministries, denominations, non-profits, etc. We also know there is a need for
a place to connect, belong and thrive, for those who no longer find themselves fitting into
the traditional “church systems” they once belonged to.

Are there any requirements if I join THE TRUTH COLLECTIVE?

We have one requirement and two "encouragements."

(1) The only absolute requirement is that you fill out the application form. You can find the links here on this page or in the menu at top of page.

The two "encouragements" are:
(1) You attend our annual gathering, preferably in person, but online access will be
available too. (We will soon give more details on month and location.) There will likely
be a reasonable fee associated with this.
(2) While we do not require any tithe or any set offering amount to be part of THE TRUTH
COLLECTIVE, we do encourage you to give a regular offering of any amount. “Regular” can
mean monthly, quarterly, etc. “Any amount” literally means any amount. We do not
want finances to prohibit anyone from joining. However, we also believe that giving is
an important part of being aligned and connected and it is always good to sow into good
kingdom work. All funds will be managed by The Truth Ministry and will be used for just that, kingdom work.


Anyone can join by filling out the application linked below. We have decided not to require a set
application fee but rather we encourage you to submit your application with an offering of any
amount. We also need to know that you understand and are in general agreement with our
belief statement and code of conduct. Please read through that before joining. You can find those at the top of the page in the What We Believe section.



Barbara, Lee and Suzie have served as true advisors to Mike and I over the years. We are so excited that they have all now agreed to continue to serve as advisors to us as we start THE TRUTH COLLECTIVE. As they lend their combined years of experience and expertise, we know THE TRUTH COLLECTIVE will remain a solid, effective, Christ-rooted alliance that will help propel all of its members forward in God's kingdom plan. 



International Breakthrough Ministries

Barbara is our go-to when we need to talk strategy, break into new areas, or just need some good ol' encouragement. She makes sure we never settle or get stagnant. She is continually providing new resources and has modeled non-controlling leadership well. Our ministry, The Truth Ministry, has been part of Barbara's IbM network since 2008 and she has been a true spiritual mother to us. We are so thankful for all she has poured into us and the way she always cheers us on!



The Mordecai Project

Lee is our go-to when we need to talk discipleship, nations, practical outreach ministry, or just get another leader's take on something. He's a true mentor and understands our heart in ministry. He is not afraid to tell it like it is, and while he wholeheartedly believes in the power of the Holy Spirit, he is also able to bring a much needed discernment and balance to our kingdom endeavors. We so appreciate that God has linked us together.



Good News Church, Augusta, GA.

Suzie is our go-to for advice on real life, practical relational issues. Her wisdom, experience, and prophetic voice allow her to bring forth the exact right words in due season. She is a friend and a confidant and a fellow dreamer and mobilizer. Every leader needs another leader with whom they can just be their raw self. Suzie is always re-directing everything back to Jesus, making sure we keep the main thing, the main thing... and we love that!



Click here to fill out the application to join become part of The Truth Collective.