We believe that all people are created by God and in God's image.

We believe that God loves all people and wants to reconcile them all to Himself.

We believe in the Bible as the complete and authoritative word of God.

We believe sin entered into mankind thru Adam and Eve's sin and at that point we were eternally separated from a perfect, holy God who cannot overlook sin.

We believe that in His love and grace, God sent His only son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for our sin and unholiness. Jesus, who was perfect, took upon himself the sins of mankind once and for all, and offered a clean holy life in exchange to all who would simply believe in Him.

We believe that while Jesus died on the cross, He did not remain dead but rather overcame death and was resurrected and fully alive three days later. We believe He appeared to many people over the next 40 days before returning to sit in heaven at the Father's right hand. We believe that is where He is now and He is ever interceding for us who believe.

We believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Simple faith in Him and what He did for us is the only way to live eternally with him after we die physically here on earth. Good works will not be enough, nor will any ministry credit or title.

We believe in the power and work of the Holy Spirit. We believe that upon salvation each believer is given the Holy Spirit as a deposit of our inheritance. We believe there is an additional baptism of the Holy Spirit available to every believer which is mainly given to us to empower us for ministry works. We do not believe you have to be "Spirit filled" to be born-again and go to heaven. We just can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to be as Jesus Himself instructed the disciples to be so filled.

We believe that all born again believers should be water baptized by immersion to declare publicly their faith. We do not believe you need to be water baptized to be "born again" or go to heaven. Again, we just can't imagine why anyone would fight this instruction that was clearly given by Jesus Himself.

We believe that the Holy Spirit has given gifts to each believer for the building and edification of the Church as a whole. We believe every believer has a vital and life giving part to play.

We believe in prophecy. We believe it must not contradict what is already laid out in scripture but that it can bring fresh, new understanding and strategies to us for the present season.

We believe in apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists. We could care less about titles or "labels" but believe there are those among us who will bear these offices/titles as they have been chosen by God to function in these roles for the building up and equipping of the church.

We believe in a global church. We do not believe that the church is a building or even one congregation, but rather is the living active Body made up of all those who believe in the saving work of Jesus.

We believe in unity in the essential aspects of our Christian faith. We believe in liberty of the non-essentials and we believe in all things we are to walk in love.

We believe that women and men are equally called and equipped by God. We believe Jesus died equally for men and women and with that, all the freedoms and giftings that are available to one sex or one race or age group are also equally available to all. We believe that God decides who will receive which giftings, not man. We believe that God gives authority and anointing, not man. We believe that God had a perfect plan laid out for the man and woman He created and it is found clearly in Genesis 1:27-28.

We believe every believer should ask God to bring people into their lives that will help them to grow and mature in the knowledge of the Lord. We believe we are to have people that we can talk to, share with, ask questions of and bounce things off of. We believe we are also to network with one another so as to keep each other accountable and out of gross spiritual error. We believe we are not to become isolated as each "cell of the body" can only function when united with the rest.

We believe we are called to encourage and edify each other in Christ.